[JDEV] jabber dumping core at random(?)

Benjamin Ritcey jdev at ritcey.com
Wed Oct 24 10:03:40 CDT 2001

Hello all,

For the last two days, I've come in to find our Jabber server has dumped 
core.  I've been running for about two weeks with no problems and I am 
not aware of any recent changes.

Here's a backtrace:

This GDB was configured as "i386-redhat-linux"...
Core was generated by `jabberd/jabberd'.
Program terminated with signal 11, Segmentation fault.
(gdb) bt
#0  0x805efd0 in xmlnode_get_type (node=0x616a0065) at xmlnode.c:607
#1  0x805ea1b in xmlnode_get_tag (parent=0x860f300, name=0x8710290 
"?xdbns=jabberim:prefs") at xmlnode.c:391
#2  0x40019c76 in xdb_file_phandler (i=0x81133a8, p=0x87100a0, 
arg=0x812cd78) at xdb_file.c:192
#3  0x80550f8 in deliver_instance (i=0x81133a8, p=0x87100a0) at 
#4  0x80548c8 in deliver (p=0x87100a0, i=0x810fd20) at deliver.c:468
#5  0x8056adc in xdb_deliver (i=0x810fd20, xc=0x817a704) at xdb.c:97
#6  0x8056d68 in xdb_get (xc=0x810fef0, owner=0x82fec98, ns=0x87af5b8 
"jabberim:prefs") at xdb.c:196
#7  0x4026638f in mod_xml_set (m=0x817a7a4, arg=0x0) at mod_xml.c:74
#8  0x40259c2e in js_mapi_call (si=0x810fea0, e=1, packet=0x87af710, 
user=0x82fecd0, s=0x81560e8)
     at modules.c:149
#9  0x4025ac03 in _js_session_from (arg=0x87af710) at sessions.c:255
#10 0x8057436 in mtq_main (arg=0x8140410) at mtq.c:150
#11 0x80828f3 in pth_spawn_trampoline ()
#12 0x8083561 in pth_mctx_set_bootstrap ()
#13 <signal handler called>
#14 0x40156e75 in __sigsuspend (set=0x0) at 

The last thing in error.log was:

20011024T09:42:35: [notice] (update.jabber.com): bouncing a packet to 
959967024 at update.jabber.com/ from 
user at jabberbox.ritcey.com/Jabber Instant Messenger: Unable to deliver, 
destination unknown

which corresponds to the time of the core file.

I'm running jabber 1.4.1 w/ xdb_sql 1.1 (plus fixes).

Any ideas?  Any other info needed?

Thanks much,


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