[JDEV] jabber dumping core at random(?)

Dariusz Taczalski taczalski at medialogic.it
Wed Oct 24 12:28:18 CDT 2001


On Wed, 24 Oct 2001 11:03:40 -0400, Benjamin Ritcey <jdev at ritcey.com> wrote

> Hello all,
> For the last two days, I've come in to find our Jabber server has dumped 
> core.  I've been running for about two weeks with no problems and I am 
> not aware of any recent changes.


> I'm running jabber 1.4.1 w/ xdb_sql 1.1 (plus fixes).
> Any ideas?  Any other info needed?

I had also some random core dumps in xmlnode_get_type and other
strange places like that.
(I have a heavly patched server)
The reason could be an xmlnode_free() call too much.
(In my case it was a xmlnode_free(replay) after deliver(dpacket_new(reply))
 - what is wrong)
It doesn't always happen - only in some random inprevisible

But how to find where is the problem - i don't know.


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