[JDEV] problems with xdb_sql

Jason Reineri jreineri at northridge.com
Wed Oct 24 18:38:01 CDT 2001

I had a little trouble understanding exactly what your problem is, but
if you have a username.xml getting written to the spool directory, then
xdb_file is being used and not xdb_sql.  I'll cut and paste in my the
xdb section of my jabber config below so you can try to see what your
problem might be.

<xdb> section of jabber.xml:

<xdb id="xdb">

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Subject: [JDEV] problems with xdb_sql


  I compiles and ran xdb_sql in the jabber server with
mysql as the back end. I encountered this

  After installing xdb_sql ,when a new user registers
with the server the server is responding with a
message saying the "user already exists" irrespective
of the uniqueness of the username. username.xml is
written to the spool directory . Subsequently when the
same user name is used to log on to the server , the
server is accepting it as an ordinary user who has an
account with the server.

 Thanks in advance to any body who can throw some
light on this.

 my email .........kannansubbu at yahoo.com


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