[JDEV] ICQ server drops messages from ICQ transport

Guy Segal segal at TeleMessage.com
Thu Oct 25 08:09:22 CDT 2001

I have noticed that some of the ICQ messages I send thru the ICQ transport
(latest Jabber and transport from dist/final directory) never arrive to the
destination client.
Why is that? Is it because the transport sends the messages thru the ICQ
server and not directly to the destination client?
How can I "force" the transport to send directly to a client?
And if that's not the problem, what is? How can I make sure my messages
arrive? Or at least know from the transport's logs they didn't?

Guy Segal
Software Engineer

Email  : segal at telemessage.com
Phone : (+972) 3 9225252 Ext. 934
Mobile : (+972) 53 411723
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