[JDEV] ICQ server drops messages from ICQ transport

Chris Chen ckchris at idream.net
Thu Oct 25 14:39:16 CDT 2001

 From the current list that's gonig on in ICQDev, it seems like there's a 
glitch in the ICQ server where it's rejecting some messages when you sent 
them too fast... Try to do it so that messages are sent out once every 10 
seconds... I think that was the suggested time between each message submission.


At 06:09 AM 10/25/2001, you wrote:
>I have noticed that some of the ICQ messages I send thru the ICQ transport
>(latest Jabber and transport from dist/final directory) never arrive to the
>destination client.
>Why is that? Is it because the transport sends the messages thru the ICQ
>server and not directly to the destination client?
>How can I "force" the transport to send directly to a client?
>And if that's not the problem, what is? How can I make sure my messages
>arrive? Or at least know from the transport's logs they didn't?
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