[JDEV] jabber:x:signed spec question

Chris Chen ckchris at idream.net
Fri Oct 26 04:09:39 CDT 2001


I'm just curious about the usage of jabber:x:signed namespace.  Exactly 
what is being signed?  The entire
presence message or just the data contained?  And if it's just the data 
contained, then does this include the XML elements or only the data inside...

Using the example in the protocol.html, here's the <presence>:

<presence from='juliet at capulet.com/balcony' to='romeo at montague.net/orchard'>
   <status>be back later</status>
   <x xmlns='jabber:x:signed'>

Here, does the signed message sign the entire <presence> xml block 
(including the presence tag, but excluding the <x> signed tag)?  Or does it 
only sign the "<show>away</show><status>be back later</status>"???  Or does 
it sign just the data "away be back later"???

I assume the second one is the most reasonable one since the <presence> 
changes and is altered.

Also is there any other occasion in which the jabber:x:signed namespace can 
be used other than in the <presence> tag?

The jabber:x:encrypted makes much more sense while jabber:x:signed doesn't 
make much sense at all...


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