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Eduardo Jorge Batista Rebouças (Engenharia SPO Eduardo Jorge Batista Rebouças (Engenharia SPO
Mon Oct 29 13:34:25 CST 2001


	we are searching for this information but it seems that no one has
performed such tests. 


	Am I right? Has anyone tried to get performance benchmarks on server before? 

	We are about to build a lab with sun solaris boxes to work on some
configurations using server 1.4.1, dpsm and xdb_sql. We will need some help
with ideas, configuration files, binaries and so on. 


Eduardo Rebouças
Software Engineer
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I am curious... have the people that run the 
Jabber server ever posted stats from it? For instance I
am curious about:

    1. How many average concurrent users it serves.
    2. What is the average size of each message that
       goes through the system?
    3. What is the average messages per second it
       has to process?
    4. etc.

I have gone through all the mailing list archives and
I have not see any of this info..



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