[JDEV] XDB Newbie Questions

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Tue Oct 30 11:20:15 CST 2001

> > Can there be more than one XDB component, segregating the handling 
> > of different namespaces? 
> yes. In each xdb section, you just have to specify the namespaces that
> it handles.

And make sure that you specify each of the namespaces you want to handle
in your <xdb/> elements.

> > Can new custom namespaces be added (myworld:iq:preferences)? 
> yes. just add the namespace in a <ns> tag in the xdb section. 
> for instance, to handle data from yahoo-t, I've added
> <ns>yahootrans:data</ns> in one of my xdb sections ...
> > Can an XDB component be externalized, through accept or connect? Most of the
> > examples I have found load a shared library object through the <load>
> > element. 
> hmmm, I don't think so ... 

I don't see why not. Over time probably all components will be external
rather than internal, and XDB is not exception.


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