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Ben Schumacher ben at nanotopia.com
Wed Oct 31 00:18:55 CST 2001

S2S is needed only if you're trying to connect to any available Jabber 
servers. For example, if you want your server and users to be able to 
communicate with the server and users at jabber.org or jabber.com. However, 
if you're just trying to connect two Jabber server in a closed Jabber 
network,  you will want to use a base_connect to a base_accept.

So, to answer your questions.
1) You're combining two possible ways of making connections between two 
Jabber servers.
2) Yes, base_connect can be used to establish an S2S connection, but it 
will only work if the IP, port and secret are configured in a base_accept 
with those addresses.
3) Your Jabber server is trying to connect to update.jabber.org to report 
its current version of the JSM module as an update query. The dnsrv error 
is because its not resolving update.jabber.org.

You might try setting up services similar to these:

<!-- This is the base_accept for 'server1.jabber.example.com' -->
<service id="serverconnect">


<!-- This is the base_connect for 'server2.jabber.example.com' -->
<service id='serverconnect'>

That *SHOULD* work. I'm sure if I got anything wrong somebody will be more 
than happy to correct me.


At 12:01 PM 10/31/2001 +0800, Alex She<Wizdomtech - Analyst Programmer> wrote:
>I do not know if this is right place for this question.
>I want to test server to server connection , I run two jabber servers, One
>listen to port 5269 as following :
><service id="s2s">
>     <load>
>       <dialback>./dialback/dialback.so</dialback>
>     </load>
>     <dialback xmlns='jabber:config:dialback'>
>       <legacy/>
>       <ip port="5269"/>
>       <karma>
>         <init>50</init>
>         <max>50</max>
>         <inc>4</inc>
>         <dec>1</dec>
>         <penalty>-5</penalty>
>         <restore>50</restore>
>       </karma>
>     </dialback>
>   </service>
>the other add a base connect service as following:
>  <service id ="base_connect">
>       <connect>
>        <ip></ip>
>             <port>5269</port>
>             <secret>aaa</secret> <!-- what about secrect tag -->
>             <timeout>5</timeout>
>        <tries>15</tries>
>      </connect>
>    </service>
>but can not connect server, and print error message "[mio]unlink socket from
>client", and listening servere print
>"20011031T02:41:14: [notice] (update.jabber.org): timed out from dnsrv queue
>20011031T02:41:14: [notice] (update.jabber.org): bouncing a packet to
>jsm at update.jabber.org/1.4.1 from htgzln117.htgz.com: Hostname
>Resolution Timeout"
>1. how to make a server to server connection?
>2. base_connect module can do this?
>3. why listening server report dnsrv timeout ? I can $ping htgzln117.htgz.com
>in shell.
>thanks in advance.
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