[JDEV] Strange change in jsm (CVS)

Stefan Praszalowicz stefan.praszalowicz at edi-presse.fr
Sat Sep 1 16:32:52 CDT 2001

Hi all !

I now use the CVS version of jabberd and noticed a little oddity in

To reproduce:
	userA has userB in his roster
	userB has userA in his roster

	login as userA
	login as userB

-> What happens is that userA received presence from userB, but userB does
   receive presence from userA

A message like 'invalid message, no recipient' is logged and the presence (I
understand it's a probe answer) is dropped.

The following patch corrects the problem:

--- ./old/mod_presence.c        Sat Sep  1 00:23:07 2001
+++ ./new/mod_presence.c        Sat Sep  1 00:21:53 2001
@@ -70,8 +70,13 @@
             log_debug("mod_presence","probe from %s and no presence to
         }else if(_mod_presence_notified(m->packet->from,notify))
+            xmlnode pres;
             log_debug("mod_presence","got a probe, responding to
-            js_deliver(m->si,jpacket_new(xmlnode_dup(m->s->presence)));
+            pres = xmlnode_dup(m->s->presence);
+            xmlnode_put_attrib(pres, "to", jid_full(m->packet->from));
+            js_deliver(m->si,jpacket_new(pres));
             log_debug("mod_presence","%s attempted to probe by someone not


It seems the 'stock' jsm code has something like this but that it disappeard
afterwise ... Anyway
Happy jabbering

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