[JDEV] autoupdate feature

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Sun Sep 2 16:43:54 CDT 2001

Right now the autoupdate feature is something of a hack (IMHO) and I feel
we need a better framework for autoupdates (e.g., although the current one
works, there is a central point of failure on update.jabber.org),
especially one that doesn't use a hack to the presence element. You could
certainly create your own mini-protocol for this, to be used just by your
own client and server. Or perhaps some other folks here might want to
collaborate on a better protocol and implementation for this...


On Sat, 1 Sep 2001, Michal Leinweber wrote:

> I'm writting own client for Jabber and I want to use autoupdate feature. Are
> there any servers providing autoupdate feature other than update.jabber.org?
> Is there some framework to provide autoupdate feature on my own server?
> Something that will receive autoupdate presence messages from clients and
> look in some database of versions and sends answer to client ? Also I want
> to track usage of my client, based on autoupdate queries to my server.
> 	Thanx for answer
> 		McLEI
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