[JDEV] Re: Emergency: QNX

Jay Curry rusty at curry.net
Tue Sep 4 17:39:40 CDT 2001

Not quite sure that it qualifies as an emergency myself, and equally not sure that my 
suggestions will help. 

>From what I have read on this list however I would suggest starting with an attempt to 
compile the perl.jabber or jabber.perl libraries, (whichever is the correct naming 
convention is.) This presumes that Perl is available for QNX, which I strongly suspect it is. 

I am not sure what the additional requirements are to get that to compile, but onect it is 
compiled, you should be able to port one of the perl implementations of a Jabber client 
over to QNX fairly quickly.

If all you need is a commandline varient, you may wish to see if sJabber will compile. At 
the very least it will give you proof that a jabber client will work. (I am not entirely sure 
that this is an available option however. I am not able to make the sjabber project on a 
debian linux system, the prefered assembler does not appear to be available, and I do 
not know enough about the alternative assemblers to re-write the make file myself.)

For anything beyond a re-compile of an existing project, you are best off reading the 
documentation for perl::jabber and working from there. Unfortunately there does not 
seem to be altogether very many developers around these parts that have developed 
for QNX, so for a little while you may be on your own.

Hope this provides you with a starting point.

A valid question was asked earlier, as to whether you want to have a jabber client or a 
jabber server. My presumption above is that you are looking for a client. One thing to 
take into consideration when you say you are unable to get the linux version to work at 
all is that I think the "linux version" of "jabber" is actually the server, not a client. 

>From www.jabbercentral.org/clients/ the listing of 'Linux' clients is:

1. Everybuddy - A multi protocol chat client
2. Gabber - Easy and Powerful GNOME Jabber Client
3. Gaim - Multi-protocol chat client
4. Jarl - Perl/Tk Jabber Client
5. Konverse - A KDE Jabber Client
6. Psi - A minimal ICQ-like client using Qt
7. Pybber - A Python/GNOME client for Jabber
8. sjabber - Console (text) 

Depending upon which languages are most available for QNX, I would look at either Jarl 
or Pybber. Unfortunately, based strictly on looking at www.qnx.com and tucows.com, I 
am unable to determine what advanced scripting languages are available for QNX.

Good Luck.


"Chris Chance" <phantam at figaming.com> wrote:
>Hopefully this time someone will read this cause of the subject lol but i
>really need to find a compatible version of jabber for QNX (www.qnx.com) the
>linux version does not work at all for some reason and i dont know why and i
>cant find any other clients that may work....
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