[JDEV] Anyone want $50?

Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Sat Sep 8 14:11:01 CDT 2001

hehe, no, this isn't a spam. but a catching subject, huh?  :-)

i've been thinking of an experiment i'd like my website, Theoretic
Solutions [http://www.theoretic.com] to start doing. i've been looking
around for someone i can hire on a feature-by-feature basis to work on
jer's smtp agent. what i'm hoping to do is experiment with a rough
concept i've been refining over the past coup-le of weeks.

if anyone is interested, please contact me, jabber & email:
adamtheo at theoretic.com

you'd need to know C pretty well. you shouldn't need to already know the
smtp agent, since it is quite simple at the moment. i'm first looking to
add attatchment support, and have some ideas (thanks to jer!) on how
that could be done. i'm willing to pay us$50 for the addition of this
feature, and this project is not expected to take more than 6 hours max
to do (not including taking the time to learn how the smtp agent works).
i can pay you however you want: certified mail with money order, western
union, paypal... etc... and i can pay immediately after the work is

also, if this first step in the experiment works well, i plan to
continue this. at first only feature-by-feature, but if you do well,
hopefully as the first employee of my small company (it's just been me,
so far :-).

so, if youi are interested in spending a small handful of hours and

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