[JDEV] Jabber User Services

Michael Hearn mhearn at MailAndNews.com
Sun Sep 9 14:13:22 CDT 2001

Hiya all,

I'm working on a user services website that will allow Jabber users to login
and administer various sections of their account. By moving features such as
personal information editing, password changes etc. from the client to the
user services site, clients will be made simpler and adding features to the
network will be easier.

At least, that's the theory. I've hit problems though with me being a perl
newbie. I am using MS Personal Web Server and ActivePerl with Net::Jabber
installed from CPAN, and although my script works when i run it from the
command line, when I try and run it from a web browser through the server,
it just hangs as it attempts to execute:

$Con = new Net::Jabber::Client();

I can't work out how to view STDERR so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.
Does anyone have some tips, or requests for features to be added to the site
to-do list?

thanks -mike
Michael Hearn
mhearn at neuk.net
Jabber (jabber.org) tweedledee at jabber.org
ICQ# 34800568

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