[JDEV] Remove Participant from Conference

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Thu Sep 13 09:55:50 CDT 2001

This feature is not in the open-source 'conferencing' module; it is 
implemented within the "Text Conferencing" component by Jabber, Inc., 
and has not been standardized (because I have literally ten other JEPs 
to propose first).

- David Waite

Dillip Kumar Swain wrote:

>I m using Jabber Server-1.4.1 with conferencing
>The jabber client allows the room onwer to "Remove
>Participant" while the above mentioned server does
>not.I was trying to figure out if the there are 
>any special prefernces one needs to set at the time of
>room creation to get the remove participant option. 
>But cudnt figure that out. 
>The problem is whenver i send the with Not Allowed
>error code. 
>I want to know have i missed something or is it a
>known limitation of the 
>above mentioned server. 
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