[JDEV] Regarding AIM Transport

David Waite mass at akuma.org
Thu Sep 13 10:02:04 CDT 2001

Temas, we really need to add this to some sort of FAQ or mail filter for 
the list ;-)

AOL has blocked third parties using TOC in the past, and will probably 
do this in the future. They also have a bad history of supporting TOC, a 
large number of features in the recent AIM clients are not in TOC, and 
TOC has actually *lost* features over time. At one time they supported 
open-source projects which connect through TOC, now they don't (and I 
believe have blocked open-source projects using it). Finally, AFAIK TOC 
is only supported for the AIM web client (QuickBuddy), which they can 
literally change at will.  It is located on their webservers and 
downloaded on use. They can thus change the ToC protocol at will, which 
they can't do for millions of deployed binary clients using the native 
OSCAR protocol.

-David Waite

prasanta lenka wrote:

>Hi All,
>       It seems that the AIM Transport for jabber
>server is not working in jabber.com and jabber.org.I
>found some document saying that AOL is rejecting the
>jabber connection.I think you people did not use the
>TOC protocol in the AIM Transport.I'm sure AOL never 
>close any client connection using TOC protocol.Is not
>it possible to develop a new AIM Transport using TOC
>any one doing it now??
>Please correct me if I'm saying anything wrong
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