[JDEV] compiling jabber server on Mac OS X

jens at mac.com jens at mac.com
Thu Sep 13 12:03:00 CDT 2001

On Thursday, September 13, 2001, at 09:00 AM, Adhamh Findlay wrote:

> Has anyone compiled the jabber server on Mac OS X?

Yes, it's been done, though not by me. Beyond the configure issue, there 
was also a runtime problem involving pthreads (there's some pth feature 
jabberd uses that isn't supported on OS X yet) but it was worked around 
and the server seemed to run fine. I _think_ I remember that the 
workaround was submitted to CVS back then, but don't quote me on that.

I have some archived messages relating to this (mostly from the mac-dev 
list, which would be the best place to discuss this issue.) I'll post 
them when I get access to the machine that they're archived on.


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