[JDEV] Strange UpperCase/lowercase handling in 'conference' confuses chatbot.

jabber at msg.net jabber at msg.net
Thu Sep 13 18:47:03 CDT 2001

I've found an interesting behavior while setting up 'chatbot'. This is using
the more recent CVS code from jabber.org for all perl modules, for chatbot,
and for the 'conference' module.

While XML:Stream and Jabber::Client pass along conference names with
uppercase unchanged:

NJ::Client: SendXML: sent(<presence to='Test at conference.mydomain.com/chatbot'/>)
XML::Stream: Send: (<presence to='Test at conference.mydomain.com/chatbot'/>)

The Jabberd process and/or the conference module sends all response with
the name converted to lowercase:

NJ::Client: CallBack: sid(3BA14366) received(<presence to='chatbot at mydomain.com/ChatBot' from='test at conference.mydomain.com/chatbot

I had configured ChatBot to hold a group called "Test", and it would spew
presence constantly, because chatbot never believed it had successfully logged
in to the conference as the presence it got back was lowercase, and it was
doing a case-sensitive match.

This behavior most likely also confuses other applications.

Kevin Kadow
MSG.Net, Inc.

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