[JDEV] Strange UpperCase/lowercase handling in 'conference' confuses chatbot.

David Waite dwaite at jabber.com
Fri Sep 14 09:35:05 CDT 2001

This could at least be considered correct behavior. What would you 
define correct behavior to be?

-David Waite

Benoit Orihuela wrote:

>>The Jabberd process and/or the conference module sends all response with
>>the name converted to lowercase:
>>NJ::Client: CallBack: sid(3BA14366) received(<presence
>>to='chatbot at mydomain.com/ChatBot'
>>from='test at conference.mydomain.com/chatbot 
>I don't know why but the room names are lowercased in the conference
>module. to stop this behavior, you must remove the corresponding line
>(search call to the 'tolower' function) in _con_packets in

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