[JDEV] XDB search

Tim Ferguson tim.ferguson at cw.com
Fri Sep 14 11:42:13 CDT 2001


Is anyone working on extending xdb types to include a search.  From my
understanding, there is type 'set' and 'get', but I can see a use for a
search.  For instance I am using a version of xdb_ldap to get my data, and I
have a usersagent (jud) that searches LDAP, however it does not use xdb to
do this, and I would like to use my LDAP connection management capabilities
of my xdb_ldap module and integrate the search capability.  I am writing
another transport where I have only a users e-mail address and I want to
search keying on the e-mail address for the users jid that is in LDAP.  So,
am I missing something already in xdb, or something that has already been
proposed for a search in xdb.  Of course I would like to stick to standards
within jabber rather than just developing something in a vacuum, and I am
certainly willing to write up what is necessary to begin getting this into
the core jabber protocol and server if others agree with me on the


Tim Ferguson

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