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Tim Ferguson tim.ferguson at cw.com
Mon Sep 17 10:46:52 CDT 2001

Oh OK, so you just used the namespace as the mechanism to determine what to
do, I like that idea, thanks.  I'll also look at your xdb_ldap modules.

Tim Ferguson

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> For instance I am using a version of xdb_ldap to get my data, and I
> have a usersagent (jud) that searches LDAP, however it does not use xdb to
> do this, and I would like to use my LDAP connection management
> of my xdb_ldap module and integrate the search capability.
the last version of xdb_ldap in the jabber contrib zone supports
searches requests sent by the jud.
I don't remember if I had to add something to the jud code (except
regex searches but that's another point) but I don't think so (the
main point is to add <ns>jabber:jud:users</ns> in the xdb_ldap



Benoit Orihuela
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