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Joshua Kramer jkramer at capital.edu
Mon Sep 17 11:00:33 CDT 2001

Hello all,

The recent terrorist attacks in the U.S. were a horrible atrocity that
nobody should have to go through.  But if things continue on the path they
are on now, the terrorists might win another, far greater victory with the
theft of some of our civil liberties in the name of "saving America".  I
am talking, of course, about ideas like those spouted from Senator Judd
Gregg about restricting cryptography and other liberties.

Does anyone have a CVS/Mail/Web server outside of U.S. jurisdiction (in
Germany, preferably, because of the guarantee of privacy) that can
continue to host secure Jabber projects, if the U.S. decides to crack down
on strong crypto?  It is times like this that we NEED strong crypto and
p2p technologies such as Jabber more than ever before.

In the mean time, EVERYONE in the U.S. should take an hour to find out who
your congresscritters and representatives are, WRITE them a nice paper
letter, and explain to them rationally but strongly how curtailing our
freedoms in the name of "saving America" just hands the terrorists a
bigger victory than they have now.

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