[JDEV] Re: Building jabberd on hp-ux

Piers Harding piers at ompa.net
Tue Sep 18 01:56:56 CDT 2001

I had a go - checked out latest jabber2, but no luck.
I had a small bug in mod_time.c - HP-UX doesnt seem to have tm_zone returned in the structure from localtime() - there is an external variable tzname[2] instead.

Additinally I had to find the err.h header file for mio_ssl.c, but other than that it built ok.

The symptoms are the same as for others - the process is maxing CPU, and nothing is listening on 5222.


On Mon, Sep 17, 2001 at 12:28:31PM -0500, temas wrote:
> On Mon, 2001-09-17 at 12:11, Doug Claar wrote:
> > 
> > The problem I ran into on hp-ux was not the jabber server itself, but
> > rather the posix threads package. It compiles fine, but it just hangs
> > when called. If you actually try running the test suite for the pth
> > package, you end up with a process running that chews up all your CPU
> > until you kill -9 it. Don't know if that's the case if you call it from
> > jabber, but you might check...
> > 
> > I got busy, so I wasn't able to resolve the pth problem...
> > 
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> If someone with hp-ux access could try cvs jabberd and the latest pth,
> that would be great.  Jer has put some effort into finding pth bugs and
> misuse.
> --temas

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