[JDEV] Sever deleted a user

Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Tue Sep 18 18:57:04 CDT 2001

hi, all.

today my server, theoretic.com, a 1.4.1 standard server running on SunOS
5.7, deleted a user without me telling it to or anything. the uiser
reported that after coming back from lunch or something like that, he
found he could not log into his account, getting unauthorized login
errors. he then tried re-creating his account, using the same login
name, and it was created. but he now had a blank roster. he started
adding users, and then all of a sudden icq contacts he had had in his
old list started popping into his new one, without him adding them. but
there was no other info than the ICQ numbers of the users. no names,
nothing. here is something from the error.log i found that i think is
the source of the problem:

20010918T22:32:30: [warn] (theoretic.com): xdb_file failed to open file
./spool/theoretic.com/******.xml: Too many open files

there are a few of these, each for a user that seems to have been
deleted. there also a few of these:

20010918T22:35:38: [notice] (MIO_XML_READ): socket from
is out of karma
20010918T22:35:57: [notice] (MIO_XML_READ): socket from
is out of karma

does it seem that the server deleted these user's .xml files because it
had too many other files open in memory?

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