[JDEV] Re: Client and server on same machine , problem ?

Yuan John Jiang yjj at netplexus.com
Wed Sep 19 07:56:11 CDT 2001

Where can I find documentation on the structure and design of the server?
I'm trying to write a (Solaris) PAM authetication module to work with jud.
Where should I look?

BTW, I can't start the server jabberd in daemon mode.  Do I miss something
in the make process?



On Tue, 18 Sep 2001, Jay Curry wrote:

> "V.Vasant"<vasant at runbox.com> wrote:
> >hi,
> >Does running the client and server on the same machine cause any problem. When I
> > tried connecting to the server, I got a "server disconnected" message. On having a
> > look at the server debug log, I found the following 
> Not usualy.
> >20010918T01:39:01: [notice] ( bouncing a routed packet to
> vasant from 11 at c2s/80EB9C0: Internal Delivery Error
> >
> >By examining the source, I found that this is logged by jabberd/deliver.c in the function
> > deliver_instance, when the call to the handler fails. What could be the reason. By the
> > by, I've just begun going through the source. What does deliver.c actually do ?
> >From what I have seen so far, this looks like you set up the user-id as something like 
> ''. Which I think is incorrect in two forms, one is that there is no "id" 
> in that user-id, what looks like an id is the field specified for resource. The other is that 
> you have specified an IP address as opposed to a host name.
> If you have set up your "hostname" portion of the jabber.xml file as, this 
> part should be ok. However it is unlikely that you want jabber to be specifically 
> associated to this IP address. For testing purposes you can try using 'localhost' as the 
> appropriate interface, or if you want to use a specific ethernet interface, something 
> more like jabber.vasant.com with it also defined either in your /etc/host or via dns would 
> work as well. Setting this up to connect with an outside resource is outside of what I can 
> describe here as well. (The Quick rundown is that you need your internet gateway to 
> portforward 5222 to your server, and have whatever hostname you have decided to 
> give jabber point to the outside interface of your firewall.)
> The correct form for a userid is {name}@{host}/{resource} where {name} is replaced 
> with a name that you either select, or that you are assigned. {host} is replaced with your 
> server's host name. {resource} is selected by you, either via pre-designed resources 
> provided by the client, or by entering your own.
> For example, I prefer the name rusty, use a server named jabber.beresourceful.net and 
> work from a variety of systems including my laptop running Win98. When I log into my 
> server I use the string 'rusty at jabber.beresourceful.net/laptop'. If I am using my 
> workstation running BeOS, I use the string 'rusty at jabber.beresourceful.net/beos' When I 
> tell other people that I can be reached via jabber, they really only need to know that I 
> am available as 'rusty at jabber.beresourceful.net'
> Now all we need to do is get IAANA to allocate 5222 to jabber, and you could in theory 
> type 'jabber:rusty at jabber.beresourceful.net' into a jabber aware application, and it 
> would treat it the same way 'mailto:rusty at beresourceful.net' would be treated. I.e. the 
> application kicks off a jabber client of some sort and away you go.
> Good luck.
> -Rusty
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