[JDEV] Ok, where is the stock report service?

hhager at orgo.com hhager at orgo.com
Wed Sep 19 20:55:35 CDT 2001

Hey All!

Are there any plans at large within the jabber community, for some of these
simple personalization/UI services?  I am sure we could name a few that
would not be too hard to hack out, and god knows the XML-RPC bits are being
eagerly discussed enough to warrant some services.  I think its time
jabber.org start serving up some content, aside from everyone's personal
logs (or blogs).   I for one am going to be psyched as jabber gets real for
joe user.  Any jabber clients that are doing this right now ?

I must be honest, the only reason I use MSN is for the stocks tab... and it
works like 10% of the time (those jokers)!  This could get jabber a good
opportunity to roll in some features and get a little bit of a slither of
more market share.

Oh well, just a cheer for the team I guess...


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