[JDEV] Need help choosing a name for my apps!

Brian Lalor blalor at hcirisc.cs.binghamton.edu
Wed Sep 19 23:01:23 CDT 2001

I know this is lame, but I'm tired and out of ideas.

Over the course of the last couple of months, I've banged out a pretty
good start on a web logger and supporting libraries.  The primary
technologies (protocols?  whatever.) in use are XML-RPC and Jabber.  So
far.  The server's written in PHP with the xmlrpc-epi library.  I've got
two base client classes written in both PHP and Python.  I've got a
working Jabber->web logger transport (not really a transport, but close
enough for now).

I've got a couple of damn cool projects which I think a lot of people
would really jump on and be willing to contribute back to, but NO NAMES
FOR THEM!!! :-)

The ones y'all are already thinking of are, of course, Blogger and Jogger,
because I've (kind-of) re-implemented those two projects.  The difference
is that I really want to release the source for mine, and that doesn't
seem to be the intent of the folks who wrote Blogger and Jogger.  I'm not
knocking them for that decision, by the way, but I did use them as
inspiration for my own forays.

jabber, python, php, xml-rpc, web logger, pear.  Those are the
tools/technologies I've put to work here.  Got a few p's in there:
plogger?  My name's Brian Lalor; BLogger? (nah. :^) Xilog/Xylog came to
mind, but a google search comes back with hits for those...

A name's the only thing keeping me from putting these up on SourceForge!
I might even be able to put together a small monetary donation to the
person who comes up with a name I use!

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