[JDEV] Need help choosing a name for my apps!

Justin Mecham justin at aspect.net
Wed Sep 19 23:24:20 CDT 2001

Actually the entire source for Jogger (both the Perl server component 
and the PHP frontend) are available from CVS (module "jogger" on 
cvs.jabber.org).  I should really add instructions to the About page I 
guess :)


On Wednesday, September 19, 2001, at 11:01 PM, Brian Lalor wrote:

> I know this is lame, but I'm tired and out of ideas.
> Over the course of the last couple of months, I've banged out a pretty
> good start on a web logger and supporting libraries.  The primary
> technologies (protocols?  whatever.) in use are XML-RPC and Jabber.  So
> far.  The server's written in PHP with the xmlrpc-epi library.  I've got
> two base client classes written in both PHP and Python.  I've got a
> working Jabber->web logger transport (not really a transport, but close
> enough for now).
> I've got a couple of damn cool projects which I think a lot of people
> would really jump on and be willing to contribute back to, but NO NAMES
> FOR THEM!!! :-)
> The ones y'all are already thinking of are, of course, Blogger and 
> Jogger,
> because I've (kind-of) re-implemented those two projects.  The 
> difference
> is that I really want to release the source for mine, and that doesn't
> seem to be the intent of the folks who wrote Blogger and Jogger.  I'm 
> not
> knocking them for that decision, by the way, but I did use them as
> inspiration for my own forays.
> jabber, python, php, xml-rpc, web logger, pear.  Those are the
> tools/technologies I've put to work here.  Got a few p's in there:
> plogger?  My name's Brian Lalor; BLogger? (nah. :^) Xilog/Xylog came to
> mind, but a google search comes back with hits for those...
> A name's the only thing keeping me from putting these up on SourceForge!
> I might even be able to put together a small monetary donation to the
> person who comes up with a name I use!
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