[JDEV] weird icq problems.. it works but it doesn't

k.koukopoulos stud1242 at di.uoa.gr
Thu Sep 20 07:23:13 CDT 2001

please let me know if this is the wrong place to be seeking help on this...

i'm having problems with jabber on the client side. I used to use licq ( a linux icq client ) to 
access icq but lately decided to use gabber instead. everything works
ok (aim, msn, yahoo) except icq. I've registered the transport just fine and, as expected, can see
the presence of my friends ( including a test uin i have which is used by micq ( a commandline
client )).
My setup is a linux machine behind a OpenBSD NAT-firewall.  
at first i thought that the rules that blocked udp were to blame.. but i flushed the firewall rules 
and nothing changed...
With micq and licq i can see _and_ communicate with online friends.. but with gabber although 
I can see them they cannot see/hear me even if i give my uin over the telephone. 

something noteworthy is that licq has an option "Send through server " or "Send direct".. Only 
the 1st option seems to work..  

appreciate any help at all..

Kostas Koukopoulos

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