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Fri Sep 21 00:18:02 CDT 2001

Cool New Stuff

The following was posted by stpeter at jabber.org via the Jabber DevZone web site (http://dev.jabber.org/):

Nothing earth-shattering here, just some cool stuff I've seen of late.
The folks at drop.org have made it possible for you to authenticate at
their blogging site (and other sites using their blog engine) using
your Jabber ID. The special sauce involved is XML-RPC, and you can
read more about it here. Now if only I could use my Jabber client to
do the blogging, somewhat as we do with  Jogger.

JabberCon participant Rikard Linde (who came all the way from Sweden!)
has made available the first version of what he's calling Sprinterface
-- the initial release enables you to send a URL to a special JID and
receive back URLs for similar sites, courtesy of the Open Directory
Project. Many more features are planned, so keep an eye on Rikard's

Andre Durand, who founded Jabber Inc., has a new blog site up and
running based on Manila technology and a really personalized theme by
Brian Bell. The site is located at andredurand.com and already
contains plenty of juicy content such as Andre's thoughts on Jabber,
AOL, and Interoperability as well as a Jabber Positioning Statement
that is intended to kick-start standardization efforts for Jabber in
the larger technology community.

Speaking of standardization, DJ Adams has put together a preliminary
template and example of the kind of standards docs we're going to be
creating in the Standards JIG. Read the details in DJ's message.

That's it for now, I'll endeavor to post again soon.... oAo! --stpeter


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