[JDEV] Conference messages cut off

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Fri Sep 21 00:35:39 CDT 2001

I am also  getting conference messages truncated, often at the first byte
of a one-liner. Using JabberIM I will type something like:

	I see this problem too, looks like it is a bug in the server?

And what the participants see and what I get echoed back is just:


Has anybody seen this exact behavior? Any suggestions for a fix?

This is running Jabber-1.4.1 on a Solaris 8 server. I had been running on
a FreeBSD system and _never_ saw this bug, then I copied the source code
over to Solaris, recompiled, and now I have this annoying problem!

After migration I went from having 1-3 users in a conference to 8-20 users,
so at first I thought it was related to the increased number of participants,
but it could just be a Solaris issue. 

Kevin Kadow

> I noticed very similar behavior when sending a message to an offline contact
> using the 1.4.1 code on a Solaris 7 machine.
> However, the same exact code
> (http://download.jabber.org/dists/1.4/final/jabber-1.4.1.tar.gz), compiled
> on a linux box (redhat 6.2), does NOT show this behavior.
> I was forced to conclude that either something went awry during the
> compilation process under solaris, or one of the open-source libraries I
> installed (from www.sunfreeware.com) was responsible for this bug.
> Actually, even more likely, one of the utilities from sun is responsible for
> this behavior.  Either way, I could not duplicate the problem under Linux.
> I know this info might not help you get it running under solaris, but at
> least you wont have to be overly confused if other people tell you they
> can't duplicate the problem.
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> From: Jens Alfke [mailto:jens at mac.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2001 3:04 PM
> Many moons ago I mentioned that the conference module often cuts off 
> chat messages if they contain XML metacharacters like quotes, angle 
> brackets, etc. In fact I've had to make my client translate those 
> characters into less offensive ones (like curly quotes) on the way out 
> to avoid hitting this bug.
> Now I found a related problem: Multi-line conference messages often 
> appear to get cut off after the first line. (That is, a newline is 
> causing message truncation just like the XML metacharacters do.) What's 
> weird is that the sender will (about half the time) be echoed the full 
> message, but other people in the chat never receive the full message. 
> I've looked at the raw XML on both sides to verify this.
> This is with the 1.4.1 server on Solaris.

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