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On Fri, 2001-09-21 at 09:27, Mark Hahn wrote:
> {NOTE: this message may get posted twice (by me and by the 
> moderator), the first time I sent it using my updated veriozon email 
> address forgetting that I subscribed to this list using my older GTE 
> email address..sorry}
> Hi,
> As part of an R&D project, we have created a telephony transport that 
> lets users manage phone calls. They can make outgoing calls, accept 
> in bound calls, create audio conferences, redirect calls to voice 
> mail, screen calls, pick them up and so on. So for so good.
> The telephony transport interfaces with a server system that provides 
> all of the telephony support as well as maintains information for 
> each user including an address book. The back end system is also 
> maintaining presence and availability for its user community.  It 
> would be real nice to integrate the address book and presence 
> information from the back end system via the transport with the 
> roster and presence information that the user has available with 
> their Jabber client.
> Ideally both the Jabber server and the Transport server would be able 
> to access common address book and PAM servers/services and this 
> problem would go away. But they don't as yet.  The telephony system 
> makes the Transport aware of the user's address book entries and 
> presence info. The Transport in turn would like to hand that to the 
> Jabber Server on behalf of the registered user and have it magically 
> appear in the Jabber client for that user.  Roster updates on behalf 
> of a user by the transport are blocked apparently for security 
> reasons.  Makes sense.  Presence information gets through and is 
> reflected by the client.  Is there a legitimate way for a Transport 
> to modify/update/alter a user roster?  Is there some other mechanism 
> that would make it possible for the Transport to set up and maintain 
> rosters that could then be accessed by specific user clients?  Will 
> this require a Jabber Server module to work in conjunction with the 
> Transport?
> Any and all pointers and help would be appreciated.
> thanks
> -mark
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Hey, this sounds like a really neat project.  Sounds like you are going
to want a specific XDB module.  It could be that it only handles a few
of the namespaces and let another one handle the regular user info.  I
wish I had a doc to point to about this, but I don't =(  If you have
more questions about XDB modules and how they work feel free to email me
or msg me.  temas at jabber.org for both.


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