[JDEV] Jabber Client Design Tutorial

Rikard Linde rikardlinde2000 at yahoo.se
Mon Sep 24 15:00:05 CDT 2001

Hi. I find your GUI example interesting in many ways.
I especially like your focus on keeping the client
small and unobtrusive.
What surprises me is that not you or anyone in the
entire software world has tried to implement Jef
Raskin's "Humane Interface". It is by far the most
clever interface I've encountered. I'll present ideas
for a jabber client based on Raskin's ideas as fast I
get time to write it. If you haven't read his book I
recommend it. It will completely change the way you
look at interfaces. No, I'm not kidding. Raskin is the
guy who designed the Macintosh and he seems to be the
only person who has developed his interface ideas
since the Macintosh was released.


Here's something similar he wrote for Wired 1993. It's
called "Down With GUIs":



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