[JDEV] Jabber Client Design Tutorial

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Mon Sep 24 21:49:06 CDT 2001

Oh, yes, I agree. We still are lacking a very good windows client. We 
definitely need some UI designers (who are aware of the Windows UI 
guidelines, by the way, and try to make the app follow them) to work 
with some programmers to get a really good windows client out there. But 
that's completely different from having an official Jabber specification 
stating that all clients must be ICQ. Even an informal one, I don't 
agree with. All it takes is one really good Jabber client, then the rest 
are free to do what they want, we can all point toward the one we like.

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Darren McVean wrote:

> I think the concept of this document is fantastic and extremely important.
> Whilst a lot of us involved in Jabber might not be particularly interested
> in UI's, it is probably more important to Jabber's success in the short term
> than the server. I say this only because it's very frustrating and
> disappointing to see supposedly "informed" tech writers slag off Jabber
> because of a client app they downloaded and couldn't figure. TechTV, gave
> jabber a 1 star. They didn't even mention the server, cause to the end user
> it doesn't mean anything.
> No need to preach here, cause we're all believers. But if we can start to
> foster some UI "what ifs" discussions (maybe here, maybe not) and start to
> think from the end users point of view, whether they be students, parents,
> newbie's, business, etc, then when asshole's like TechTV do a review they
> will see a number of clients that get their little brains thinking. Sorry,
> but I couldn't believe it when I saw Jabber get a one star and other useless
> crap out there get 5's. 
> I'm going to start working on some designs for clients to get some comments
> from everyone. Anything that gets us thinking about the end user and how
> they use Jabber is a good thing.
> Keep up the great work guys.
> cheers,
> Darren

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