[JDEV] Conference messages cut off

Horace Sequeira Horace.Sequeira at morganstanley.com
Wed Sep 26 09:01:39 CDT 2001

We have had the same problem running on Solaris 8 using Jabber 1.4.1 and
Conference 0.4.1
We have tracked the problem to the function xmlnode_insert_node()  in the
file xmlnode.c of the
Jabber server.

The fix to the problem is to change the following statement in the
function xmlnode_insert_data() :

xmlnode_insert_cdata(parent, xmlnode_get_data(node),

This statement will work if the function xmlnode_get_datasz() is evaluated
xmlnode_get_data(). This is clearly not the case on my version of the
jabber server compiled on Solaris with gcc. The 'C' standard does not
specify the order of evaluation of functions/expresssions that are passed
as parameters to a function, it only says that they will be evaluated -
the order of which  is implementation  dependent (which explains why it
works on some systems).

To fix the problem we changed the statement to the following:

   int dataSize
    dataSize = xmlnode_get_datasz(node);
    xmlnode_insert_cdata(parent, xmlnode_get_data(node), dataSize);

to ensures that xmlnode_get_datasz() is evaluated first.

This works for us; if there is another fix for this please let us know.

Jens Alfke wrote:

> On Thursday, September 20, 2001, at 10:35 PM, jabber at msg.net wrote:
> > I am also  getting conference messages truncated, often at the first
> > byte
> > of a one-liner. Using JabberIM I will type something like:
> >
> >       I see this problem too, looks like it is a bug in the server?
> >
> > And what the participants see and what I get echoed back is just:
> >
> >       I
> I haven't seen this exact behavior. What I see is that messages get
> truncated at XML metacharacters ( <, >, ', ", &). In my client I
> preprocess messages to convert these to more innocuous characters such
> as curly quotes.
> --Jens
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