[JDEV] Jabber Client Design Tutorial

hhager at orgo.com hhager at orgo.com
Thu Sep 27 11:16:47 CDT 2001

There is so much talk on what a Jabber Client should be, me thinks we should
build a summary of the arguments for future UI reference.  And use that to
new UI IM clients as they get started on their journey to swell design.
Any new
UI documents in the works as a response to the first one (which honestly i
reading as an albeit contested guide) ?  I would be happy to aggregate the
existing public
discussions, but I think are lots of offline talks going on as well.


> > Ahh - it all becomes clear.  That makes the WinJab a bit less perplexing
> to
> > me.  Doesn't suit me at all (but for those who like it that's great).
> > all for a separate email client - applications should be seperated where
> > possible - it's the OS's job to tie them together.  A combined email/IM
> > client means that 50% of it is bloat for anyone who already has an email
> or
> > IM client that they are happy with.
> Winjab isn't a IM and an email client... it doesn't do POP, IMAP or SMTP
> But what I meant was that at some point, I could see offline IM msgs being
> used just like email. Hence, the GUI design similar to an email client.
> Peter M.
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