[JDEV] Distributed Authentication - thoughts people?

Scott Cote scote25 at mediaone.net
Thu Sep 27 13:57:10 CDT 2001

>> To answer Scott Cote: obviously the final implementation would be decided
in the JIG.
>> But it would probably be based on the jabber network. So for instance, to
login to a
>> website/service you would provide your Jabber network address ( i suggest
this as a
>> more user friendly name JID ) and then your jabber server would be
contacted to authenticate.

Ah, now I see. That makes perfect sense. Thanks.

>> However, like I've said before, we should recognise that this is bigger
than Jabber. If we
>> define a protocol, it should be sufficiently abstracted to allow bindings
to other protocols
>> as well, therefore allowing interoperability.

Even better.


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