[JDEV] Jabber Environments (was: Jabber Client Design Tutorial)

Adam Theo adamtheo at theoretic.com
Thu Sep 27 19:38:11 CDT 2001

> Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
>> Perhaps as a first step we can find some agreement about terminology
>> ("roster" vs. "contact list" vs. "buddy list", "transport" vs. "gateway",
>> etc.)
>> Peter

i really like this idea, yes. i've been bugged by everyone referring to 
rosters as 'buddy lists'. damn aol, damn their popularity!  :-) we need 
to make this terminology 'rock solid' and emphasize it's use. i strongly 
suggest we do this as the re-vamping Glossary that was recently 
announced and i contributed to (sorry, can't recall names).

anothet thing i think we should do on the UI issue:

i'm getting ready to release a thread about what i'm calling 'Jabber 
Environments'. JE's will be to 'collect' and 'standardize' certain 
things about jabber. you'll say we already have this with the standards-jig.

i want to propose a new concept to the jabber community: in jabber, 
there should not be only one way to do everything. now most things 
should have only one way, but a few there should be a handful. the point 
of standards-jig and the foundation will be to develop and create all of 
these options, but the point of JE's will be to 'package' them.

as jabber expands and grows outside of it's IM origins, it will start to 
get alot more confusing to developers and end users. "what is jabber, 
where does it end?" they will ask. we need to have answers. JE's will be 
sub-sets of jabber, designed to clearly define a certain aspect. one JE 
could cover just the IM aspect, whereas another could cover RPC and 
remote computing aspects. still others could cover e-commerce 
transactions (IMissary?) and human conversations (Crown?). the point of 
JE's isn't to *create* these many features they cover, but to *package* 
them into easy to understand terms... that way people can talk about 
'Crown' and know exactly what it covers, instead of having to say 
"Jabber without RPC and  e-commerce transaction stuff".

example: i'm working on making my Crown project into a JE.

Crown: A set of standards and specifications defining human conversation 
services over the Jabber platform.

it will cover not only IM, but also email-like functionality, mailing 
lists, appointment scheduling, collaboration, telephone-like 
functionality, voicemail, etc...

these JE's could also define common features that clients and servers 
should have. this creates the ease-of-use, but keeps the overall 
flexability of Jabber.


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