[JDEV] Distributed Authentication - thoughts people?

Jay Curry rusty at curry.net
Thu Sep 27 22:39:32 CDT 2001

Adam Theo <adamtheo at theoretic.com> wrote:
>Michael Hearn wrote:
>> -  Optionally abstract this system so Jabber is not a necessary component for the 
>> However, like I've said before, we should recognise that this is bigger 
>> than Jabber. If we define a protocol, it should be sufficiently 
>> abstracted to allow bindings to other protocols as well, therefore 
>> allowing interoperability.
>hm... my first reaction is "jabber can do it, i'm sure, and do it better 
>than anything else, so to hell with porting to other platforms". then i 
>caught myself and realized that you do have a point with 
>interoperability. so i'm going to propose a comprimise between my old 
>and your ways: we treat auth in jabber like we treat IM. that is, jabber 
>has it's own protocol that works best for it, but then also has 
>'transports' to other auth systems (like liberty alliance's, passport 
>federation, and dotgnu's when/if they get it done). this way jabber 
>keeps the power of having it's own custom system, but interoperates with 
>ease to others... i think this is the best approach.

The only problem that I see with this is that the solution that Jabber took for 
interoperating with Yahoo, ICQ, AIM, MSN, etc. is a kluge. If I have a buddy on one of 
those systems I still have to have an account on one of those systems to communicate 
with them, even if I never launch my IM for that specific system again.

Within the Jabber Environment, (I.e. from jabber server to jabber server) I do not have a 
problem. I can communicate with you if you are on a different Jabber Server, because in 
one way or another jabber servers pass the messages for me.

>From what little I read, about all that the microsoft offering provides is access to your 
account when logging into another platform. and making use of that platform only to 
communicate with people on the host system your account belongs on. Little more than 
what I can do with my ATM card at a competitors bank ATM. I can manage my account 
and withdraw money. Maybe. If I have an account at the bank the ATM belongs to (or 
rather is "responsible for") I can even get money from the ATM without paying aditional 
fees. So long as I limit myself to the account at that bank.

Jabber comes closest to a solution for this with the transport system. I can communicate 
with IM users on other platforms. I still have to have an account with that other system 

I think I will go back to bed. Let me know when there is a client available that allows me 
to communicate with my friends on whatever platform 


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