[JDEV] RE: Error in XML Parsing through HTTP Proxy

Vincent Ong kwong at sasoft.com.my
Fri Aug 2 03:41:09 CDT 2002

Hi Matthias,

Matthias wrote:

>No ... you get the error because you try to use polling with a direct
>connection to the server. The server doesn't understand polling ... you
>have to use some software in the middle like my Java-Servlet

Thanks for the quick response. =) I have tried using your
JabberPollingServlet. However, it seems like your servlet is not working on
the server that you have hosted.

I have tried connecting directly to the jabber server using my own proxy,
jabber server (all on my local machine) and it doesn't return this error.
Jabber server seems to be able to recognize it, with some problem somehow.
It get disconnected  half way somehow. I've used telnet to test this out and
it works perfectly. Do I really need something like the
JabberPollingServlet? Then how come it works in telnet? I'm lost....

Yours Sincerely,

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