[JDEV] Subscriptions to non-existent addresses

Jason Anderson jason at guanosoft.org
Mon Aug 5 10:36:21 CDT 2002


I don't know how to test if a JID exists, but maybe I can help on the 
mechanics of subscription.

Are you talking specifically about subscribing to a non-existent user on 
a *different server* than yours, or do you also mean non-existent users 
on *your server*?

When you subscribe to a user at your local server who doesn't exist, the 
server will
   -send you a roster change for that item with ask=subscribe
   -send you a presence packet with type=unavailable and status "Not Found"

You don't receive any errors in this case, because it's all handled by 
the subscription mechanism through roster and presence packets.


emma.willis at ntlworld.com wrote:
> Please can someone tell me if there is any way of testing whether or not an address actually exists before you add them to your roster, using Jabberbeans.... I let my users add contacts but if the reciever never gets their subscription request, the roster item (with an ask=subscribe attribute) remains on their roster indefinitely.  I know an error is caused when the packet is bounced back to the server but I don't know if or where this is passed back to the jabberbeans server-side stuff (highly technical term there).
> If anyone knows - please can you tell me.
> Emma
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