[JDEV] yahoo t issue

Nathan J. Mehl memory-jabber at blank.org
Mon Aug 5 11:21:47 CDT 2002

In the immortal words of Paul Curtis (pcurtis at terrapin.com):
> Please check the status by browsing CVS on jabberstudio.org. The new 
> Yahoo transport project is "yahoo-transport-2".

Hm.  Well, it compiles and links in, but behaves...strangely from JIM
clients.  People who registered with the old yahoo-t get a million
popup windows (one for each yahoo roster item?) telling them that they
can't use the transport until they register with it.  Registering with
it appears to succeed, but then when you try to return to the roster
view, you get the same error message, telling you to go register.

Would debug logs from clients and servers be helpful?


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