[JDEV] Creating a presence server component?

Philippe Raxhon raxhonp at easynet.be
Tue Aug 6 04:54:14 CDT 2002

Sorry not to be very detailed in my explanation, but I did something 
like this months ago:

1. I added a accept component to the jabber server:

  <service id="slogger">

2. I configured the server to bcc the presence packets to my component.

    <jsm xmlns="jabber:config:jsm">


3. I wrote, using jabberbeans, thus in Java, a simple accept component 
showing the presence of the users. I should still have the source but I 
dodn't find it for the moment ;-(

It's an option, but I'm sure there are other solutions. Tell me if you 
are interested by this one, I will dig in my src dir to find the code of 
the component.


Sylvain Roberdeau wrote:

>Langage isn't a contraint for a start. I can use Perl, C, C++,...
>But the main information I'm looking for is the way to do this.
>All example  I find in Perl, need a registration from user... but I guess
>it's not an obligation. But such component need to register a namespace
>which can conflict with other element.
>An other way, it's to build a jsm component but for a first step (an
>expiremental step) it's quite heavy.
>Can you indicate me the best way please?
>Philippe Raxhon a écrit :
>>Hi Silvain,
>>What langage do you want to use? It will make a difference on what is
>>available for now. Depending on how it's implemented, running a
>>component that only listens on  presence can't hurt any other
>>module/component, but it could require some modification in the jabber
>>configuration file.
>>Sylvain Roberdeau wrote:
>>>   I'm reading sample code, docs, but I'm not sure to understand if it
>>>s possible to create a module or a component only to receive user's
>>>   This is a test project for me to produce a realtime MRTG service to
>>>count activity of a Jabber Server.
>>>   And other basic XML tag (message, iq,...)?
>>>   I wonder whether  it's possible to receive these data without to
>>>disrupt other module or components.
>>>   I'm looking for example or sample code...
>>>Thank you
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