[JDEV] SSL Error

adrian adrian at kilipir.ro
Tue Aug 6 10:37:10 CDT 2002

i'm trying to connect to a jabber server on ssl and i have the following
Tue Aug  6 18:25:12 2002  mio_ssl.c:238 SSL accepting socket with new
session 813e8c0
Tue Aug  6 18:25:50 2002  mio_ssl.c:256 Error from SSL:
Tue Aug  6 18:25:50 2002  mio_ssl.c:257 SSL Error in SSL_accept call

I mention that i ose a jabber applet client modified to work on ssl.
Also i use some iptables redirection... the conenctions cames on port 443
and redirected on port 5223.
Could one of this be a reason?
the jabber instatnt messenger client for windows works fine.


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