[JDEV] Funky crash today

Robert Norris rob at cataclysm.cx
Tue Aug 6 20:10:43 CDT 2002

Ok, I'm sending this here in the vain hope that someone knows exactly
which piece of software has the bug :)

I received this packet from jdev at c.j.o today. Gabber crashed upon
receiving it. It's definently a problem for Gabber, because on
reconnecting to the room, it continued to crash until the offending
packet had disappeared from the room history.

Here's the offending packet:

<message type='groupchat' to='rob at cataclysm.cx/enigma' from='jdev at conference.jabber.org/theo'><body>I think it is &lt;![CDATA[...]]>, actually.</body></message>

My first thought was to file a bug against Gabber, however, on looking
at it, I'm not sure that Gabber is necessarily at fault.

I would guess that the problem is the > char that isn't escaped.

AFAIK, the path taken by that text is:

Adam Theo               (Jarl 0.6000 / Net::Jabber 1.0025)
theoretic.com           (jabberd 1.4.2)
conference.jabber.org   (SCM? / jabberd 1.4.2 / conference 0.4)
cataclysm.cx            (jabberd 1.4.2 / jadc2s 1.5CVS)
Me                      (Gabber 0.8.7)

Any one of these could have messed up the packet in some way. However,
my client seems to be the only thing that crashed.

So, anyone what to hazard a guess as to who I should file the bug report


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