[JDEV] http proxy support

Hiroaki Nakamura hnakamur at v003.vaio.ne.jp
Tue Aug 6 21:41:04 CDT 2002

Hi Justin.

Justin Georgeson wrote:
> Well. Turns out the problem I was having with http proxy was just a 
> client side configuration issue. I had implemented the CONNECT method, 
> but wasn't aware of the requirement for tunneling to port 443. Once I 
> set my client to use port 443 for the jabber server, everything started 
> working dandy. :D

Great! I would like to use your patch if you don't mind.
Will you post a message with your patch at Exodus support page?

Click "submit new" to entry a message. You can attach a file there.
You have to register if you don't have a SourceForge ID.

Thanks in advance.

)Hiroaki Nakamura) hnakamur at v003.vaio.ne.jp

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