[JDEV] Java JabberBeans and SSL certificates

emma.willis at ntlworld.com emma.willis at ntlworld.com
Wed Aug 7 06:17:24 CDT 2002

Ok, I have managed to integrate this new class into my client code this morning.  I am testing it at amessage.de but I keep getting the SSLHandshakeException saying that it could not find a trusted certificate.

I don't really understand if that is my problem, or the server's problem.  Please can someone explain???


    If you want to do this in the easiest way possible, I would suggest using jabberbeans from CVS. The current maintainer has added a class called ConnectionBeanSSL to Jabberbeans which works exactly like the ConnectionBean you are used to. Sadly, the maintainer has not made a .jar release of the recent CVS changes, so you have to checkout and rebuild jabberbeans.jar to use it. Jabberbeans uses an Ant script to create the jar, so once you check it out, please look up ant on google if you havent used it before.
    Jason Anderson and I are in the process of reviving the project now so that new .jars with Jean-Louis's changes as well as the ones I just mentioned are easily available, as well as new documenation. I will keep JDEV posted when we make some progess in this regard.

    Dalton Caldwell

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