[JDEV] yahoo t 2 Registration error

anand v objectmulti at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 7 14:33:57 CDT 2002


I am using jabber 1.4.2 and I did compile yahoo-transport-2 version
that has the new yahoo t protocol changes implemented.

I started yahoo and yahoo_xdb services successfully and I don't see
any error messages in them

But when I tried to add the transport from winjab client I was getting
this error message in the log file... even when I tried to get the Agent
I got this message.. in other words.. I could not even go to registration
window in winjab to register???

I got this error message in the log file

Wed Aug  7 23:47:51 2002  deliver.c:678 delivering to instance 'elogger'
20020808T05:47:51: [notice] (yahoo-session.c:68): [YAHOO]: New session for 
haganitx at indianpie.com' from 'initial-check'
Wed Aug  7 23:47:51 2002  deliver.c:474 DELIVER 1:indianpie.com <presence 
to='panthaganitx at indianpie.com/panthagani12_364'
type='error'><status>Online</status><error code='407'>Registration 


And is it required to keep <pidfile>./yahoo-jabber.pid</pidfile>
in the yahoo.xml file??

I am using the same yahoo xml that was working for 1 year before yahoo
changed the protocol...Could I use the same XML file??



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