[JDEV] "Jabber mailing lists"?

admin at jabber.fsinf.de admin at jabber.fsinf.de
Wed Aug 7 15:26:13 CDT 2002


Does anyone know some software that implements a kind of Jabber mailing

Say, "lists.jabber.org" is the list component. "jdev at lists.jabber.org" is
the Jabber equivalent of a mailing list. So, any Jabber user may send a
Jabber message (body "subscribe") to "jdev at lists.jabber.org" in order to
subscribe to that list. He will get every message certain people are
allowed to send to that list until he sends an "unsubscribe" message to
the list.

Of course this is a quick hack but I think it would be very handy for many
things (CVS messages, Jabber component/transport newstickers, ...).

In case no such software is known, is there any reference implementation
of a Jabber component in Perl?- Perhaps I would code this myself then.


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