[JDEV] "Lotus sametime" = really another IM system in this world?

Michael F Lin MFLIN at us.ibm.com
Mon Aug 12 16:27:00 CDT 2002

Disclaimer: I'm not on the Sametime team and in no way speak in any 
official capacity whatsoever about it. Please do not quote me on anything 
in this e-mail, lest you get me into trouble.

I've heard around the office that Lotus Sametime controls about 60% of the 
corporate desktop instant messaging market (the same market that Jabber, 
Inc. plays in). From what I understand, it's managing to do well against 
other offerings at least partly because of its encryption and server-side 
logging facilities, which are mission-critical for IT departments in the 
financial sector, for example. (Server-side logging seems unsavory to us 
in the open-source community, but it's a legal requirement for many 

Also note that Sametime is not just instant messaging and presence (or 
"awareness" as it is called), but it is also an entire e-meeting platform 
with audio/video conferencing, whiteboarding, etc.

Sametime 3 and up is moving to a SIP-based protocol.

It is nice that the Sametime client talks to AIM because Lotus/IBM has an 
agreement with AOLTW. Other than that, the client program is nothing to 
sneeze at, particularly compared to the slick UIs you see in MSN. But 
Sametime provably scales (very few deployments are going to compare to its 
deployment to 300,000 IBM desktops) and it integrates with other Lotus/IBM 
offerings, particularly Notes/Domino and WebSphere Portal Server.


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while sb told me about SIMP (see previous post: "SIMP = open soure 
concurrent for Jabber?") another one told me about "Lotus sametime" from 
IBM: http://www.lotus.com/products/lotussametime.nsf/wdocs/homepage

Why didn't they user Jabber for it? They did develop their own Jabber 
client didn't they: 
http://www.jabbercentral.org/clients/view.php?id=984618555 Or is "Lotus 
sametime" actually based on Jabber? And if it is based on Jabber, is it 
compatible with it, so that I can chat with "Lotus sametimers"?

If you want to have a cool demo about "Lotus sametime", you should check 
out http://media.lotus.com/appdev/sametime/demos/demo.html I must 
honestly say that I've never seen such a demo about Jabber and the 
whiteboard seems cool (but I thought Jabberzilla has one too)...

Plz let me know what you know about "Lotus sametime".

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